How to setup email forwarding for MailGun

When using MailGun you will want to setup an email forwarding known as “routing” which will allow any incoming email to to be forwarded to an existing email such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

Log into your MailGun account and click on the “Routes” tab. Now click on the “Create Route” button which you will now enter the following:



Routes are evaluated in the order of priority from the lowest value to the highest value.

Filter Expression:

match_recipient("[email protected]")

This is what will match any emails that are sent to the above email which will trigger the fowarding to the bellow email.

If you want to use catchall replace the above with:



forward("[email protected]")

This is where the email will be forwarded to. You can replace with any email at an external host such as Gmail.


Forwarding me my email

While you can type anything you want that will help you identify what this action does. I named mine the above.

Now you’re all set. You can add as many as you wish to have different users sent to different emails.

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