eBay USPS tracking number work around

When shipping through US Postal Service and selling on eBay you will notice after typing the shipping number and entering USPS under carrier, you are presented with the following error:

The tracking number(s) you entered appears to be a USPS Insurance label and/or USPS Signature Confirmation™ number. These services don’t automatically provide tracking information.

Tracking must be purchased separately. Please be sure you have purchased tracking associated with this number before submitting it.

It appears that this is an error in eBay’s system and they are aware of it. However there is no time frame or if this will ever be fixed. There is however a work around. Instead of typing USPS type the following under carrier:

US Postal Service

Doing the above it will accept the tracking number and the system will then start tracking. Listed bellow is a example of what it should look like:


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