eBay USPS tracking number work around

When shipping through US Postal Service and selling on eBay you will notice after typing the shipping number and entering USPS under carrier, you are presented with the following error:

The tracking number(s) you entered appears to be a USPS Insurance label and/or USPS Signature Confirmation™ number. These services don’t automatically provide tracking information.

Tracking must be purchased separately. Please be sure you have purchased tracking associated with this number before submitting it.

It appears that this is an error in eBay’s system and they are aware of it. However there is no time frame or if this will ever be fixed. There is however a work around. Instead of typing USPS type the following under carrier:

US Postal Service

Doing the above it will accept the tracking number and the system will then start tracking. Listed bellow is a example of what it should look like:


FedEx, UPS and USPS Shipment tracking url’s

Have you ever wondered how to go directly to your tracking without having to put a tracking number in every time? These are a few of the more popular shipping company’s. Replace “XYZ1234567890” with your tracking number.

Now all you have to do is bookmark the new link and click it every time you want to check up on your shipping status.









How to protect your Google AdSense account from unauthorized use

Having a Google AdSense account comes with responsibilities as well. Protecting your account from unauthorized use is a MUST if you plan on ever making any money. Anyone can add your Google AdSense code to their site that violates Google AdSense Policy and can easily have your account banned – even when YOU didn’t do anything.

Follow these steps in this order:

  1. Login to your Google Adsense account.
  2. On the left side click “Account settings”.
  3. Scroll all the way down to “Access and authorization”.
  4. Check the box “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account” under “Sites authorized to show ads”.
  5. Enter all your sites that will be displaying Google AdSense ads (one per line); then click save once your done.

Now any sites trying to link your code which violates Google AdSense Policy will not display nor will reflect your account.

How to resume a sucessful MegaShares download

First, you will need a download manager. For this tutorial I used FlashGET, there are many others out there you can use.

  1. Download FlashGET here: http://www.flashget.com/en/download.html
  2. Load your MegaShares.com download in your browser and hit enter. Once the page loads, click “Regular Download”.
  3. Fill in the required information to Reactivate your Passport.
  4. Right click on “Download File” and paste the url into your FlashGET program. Once you have hit your 550 MB limit, you will need to wait two hours until your Passport has reset.
  5. Once you have waited two hours, go back to the download page where the file you are trying to download is located.
  6. Fill in the required information to Reactivate your Passport.
  7. Go into your FlashGET program and double click on the file you are wanting to download, then click resume (Green Play button). You will begin to download where you left off.

Repeat steps 6-7 until your files downloaded.

How to configure Gmail with other 3rd party programs

Have you ever wondered how can I configure my GMail to send and receive email from 3rd party software? Well, it’s very simple actually. The new versions of Thunderbird actually automatically finds the correct settings and applies them. For software that doesn’t do this automatically, I have included the correct settings:

Incoming settings
IMAP server – pop.gmail.com
Port – 995
Security type – SSL/TLS

Outgoing settings
SMTP server – smtp.gmail.com
Port – 465
Security type – SSL/TLS

Incoming settings
IMAP server – imap.gmail.com
Port – 993
Security type – SSL/TLS

Outgoing settings
SMTP server – smtp.gmail.com
Port – 465
Security type – SSL/TLS